Champagne and St GermainChampagne and St Germain

St Germain is an elderflower liqueur being enjoyed by all the cool kids at the moment. It is also one of the most elegant bottles around.

Wild Elderflower blossoms are handpicked in the French Alps during a very limited few weeks of the year. The blossoms are then transported by bicycle to the collection depot, before being distilled. Adding a drop of precious Elderflower liqueur to champagne is called a Kir Blanche Royale. We decided to serve it in a long tall flute – dignified and elegant.

Striking effect of Chambord in the stem



Champagne and ChambordChampagne and Chambord

Chambord was first presented to Louis XV in the 17th century on one of his visits to Chateau Chambord. Made from principally from black raspberries, with hints of Madagascar vanilla and congnac, it mixes superbly with champagne.

We served it in vintage coupes, and there was a lovely effect in the glass with some of the liqueur staying at the bottom of the stem, giving a wonderful striped effect.

Wild Hibiscus Flower champagne cocktail



Champagne with Wild Hibiscus FlowersChampagne with Wild Hibiscus Flowers

Our next cocktail had an Australian touch with some Wild Hibiscus Flowers. Wild hibiscus flowers are placed in a flute and champagne poured over. The flowers open up as the champagne bubbles over them, and can be reused through the night. Great for a party with the girls. They are edible and actually taste quite nice. I believe these flowers, also called Rosella, are native to Australia, and were developed as a cocktail addition quite by accident. The effect is beautiful!

Violette liqueur from South of France



Champagne with Violette LiqueurChampagne with Violette Liqueur

A beautiful rich violet colour, it added an extraordinary subtle taste to the drink, a little bit like those old fashioned violet lollies. Friends of ours from Montpellier, who are very ‘branché’ (hip) introduced it to us one one of our recent visits. I just love the colour it gives, and it is a bit of fun.

We found a really funky flute for this one!

Violette liqueur from South of France


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