Abele 1990 - angel onlyAbele 1990 - angel onlyI am continually getting signs from the universe that champagne is in fact magic!

Otherwise, I can’t explain the series of events that has resulted in me about to pack my bags and head to the hallowed grounds of Champagne in two weeks time. On business. In the company of THE most fabulous lady in the Australian wine communication business!

My travelling companion will be none other than Jane Thomson, who created The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society about 18 months ago. In a very short space of time she has managed to grow a very large following AND be awarded the Australian Wine Communicator of the Year prize in 2013!

Jane and I met, initially through social media, but later on at one of her Fabulous Ladies Wine Soirées, and we immediately clicked. We both have a similar philosophy about wine education. As politically incorrect as it is to say it, we both believe that many women, while wanting to learn about wine, don’t want to be caught up in the whole wine business jargon. It can be intimidating, and they just want to know if the wine is good, why it is good, and what food it is best served with.

If ‘The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society’s’ growing membership is anything to go on, this approach is certainly striking a chord with women everywhere.

I was incredibly flattered earlier this year when Jane asked me to come on board as her ‘Fabulous Champagne Lady’. Writing posts and reviews for her gave me a much wider audience, and only good things seem to have come of it!

I was completely ecstatic back in March when she asked me if I would like to travel to France and Champagne with her for 2 weeks in May. This year. Just me and her. No husbands. No children. A business trip!

Since the fraction of a second of hesitation I had before saying ‘yes’ to her Fabulous proposition, so many things have fallen into place. In the weeks that followed I coincidentally met or was in contact with so many people who are going to help make our trip an unforgettable experience. The wonderful people at  Sofitel arc de Triomphe, Chateau d’EtogeDriveaway Holidays and Air France have all contributed to make sure we get the most out of our trip. Magic!

We will be visiting a combination of smaller grower champagnes, and larger more famous houses. And because it is all about sharing we will be blogging, facebooking, instagramming and tweeting all our experiences.


If you want to follow our escapades around Champagne, make sure you follow us both on:

Twitter: @fabladieswine   @thetrufflelady

Facebook: The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society   Amanda Reboul – The Truffle Lady

Instagram: @fabladieswine   @amberlou70

And of course www.fabulousladieswinesociety.com 

Now – I have a suitcase to pack……